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CPDS 1000 Dispensing System

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For big jobs, the CPDS 1000, a Constant Pressure Dispensing System, is an inexpensive, low maintenance dispensing mechanism that uses a unique air compressor to deliver the A and B components of two-component Touch-N-Seal spray-in foam in an even flow from start to finish. The user can attach up to 150 feet of hose to allow the applicator freedom to move a considerable distance in doing his job without moving the two tanks.


What's So Amazing?

  • The up to 150-foot hose reach of the CPDS 1000 allows the user to set up the tanks in a central location and have a significant work range in all directions without moving the tanks.
  • As the two tanks empty, the pressure inside declines. The CPDS 1000 compressed air system compensates for this pressure drop to deliver the sealant in a consistent flow from start to finish. The result is less waste and consistent quality throughout, with a foam yield up to 2 ½ times faster than foam kits.
  • Energy Star rated.
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The ability to use up to 150 feet of hose provides a great deal of flexibility on how the sealant can be most effectively applied in the production process. The CPDS 1000 delivers the sealant in a consistent flow from start to finish, resulting in less waste and consistent quality throughout, with a foam yield up to 2 ½ times faster than foam kits.

The CPDS 1000 eliminates the need for less cost efficient portable canister systems, creating one centrally located station for more efficient operation.

Technical Data (CP750 FR and CP1200 FR Foam Kits)

Applicable Standards

ASTM G21 Fungi Resistance
ASTM E84 Surface Burning Characteristics
ASTM E96 Water Vapor Transmission
ASTM E 283 Air Permeance
ASTM C518 R-Value
ASTM D1621 Compressive Strength
ASTM D1622 Density
ASTM D1623 Tensile Strength
ASTM D2126 Thermal and Humid Aging – Dimensional Stability
ASTM D6226 Closed Cell Content


  • International Residential Code
  • California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Insulation (CP750 FR)

Physical/Chemical Properties

Click here to see table. Test data available upon request

Fire Performance

  • Flame Spread Index: 15 @ 2” (51 mm)
  • Smoke Development: 250 @ 2” (51 mm)

Shelf Life

1 year in unopened container when stored between 60° - 90° F (16° - 32° C), in a dry, well ventilated area.

Storage & Disposal

Keep containers tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated area. Ideal storage temperature is 60° -90° F (16°- 32° C). Storage above 90° F (32° C) will reduce shelf life. Do not store at temperatures above 120° F (49° C). Do not expose containers to conditions that may damage, puncture, or burst the containers. Dispose of leftover material/containers in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. See Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.       

  • The tanks yield is 750 board feet – 25 percent more product than the 600 kits.
  • The CPDS 1000 is small enough to be transported in a standard pickup truck, and fits easily through most doors and entrances. The empty unit weighs less than 155 lbs.

Please refer to CPDS Series 2 Installation, Set Up and Operation Instructions” found inside the “A” canister carton.

Always refer to local building codes prior to application of Touch-N-Seal spray foam. Touch-N-Seal spray foam can be applied to and will adhere to almost any traditional building material surfaces including; wood, concrete, polystyrene, gypsum board, fiberboard, masonry and metal. Surfaces to be sprayed must be dry, clean and free of dust, dirt, grease and other substances that may inhibit proper adhesion.

For best results apply Touch-N-Seal spray foam when surface and ambient temperatures are between 60° - 90° F (16° - 32° C). Chemical contents must be between 70° - 90° F (21° - 32° C) before dispensing.  Use all chemical contents within 30 days of initial dispensing.  Keep out of reach of children. Always wear proper personal protective equipment, including head covering, gloves, clothing, eyewear and respirator. Use in well-ventilated area.

Click here for MSDS sheet for Touch-N-Seal CPDS 1000 Dispensing System Component A.

Click here for MSDS sheet for Touch-N-Seal CPDS 1000 Dispensing System Component B.