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Ribbed Rubber Seals

To purchase please contact your local RV Dealer.

Rubber seals are a good choice for applications where significant wear or stress are not anticipated (for more demanding needs select Perma-Fit™ TPV seals).

Seal Design offers several ribbed EPDM sponge rubber seal profiles commonly used in the RV and similar industries (click on the Specs tab below).


Ribbed profile seals are available in numerous sizes and shapes and several profiles are available in black or white (click on Specs tab).

EPDM seals exhibit very good resistance to water absorption, ozone, sunlight, aging, lot temperature, and compression set. For optimum performance, 25% maximum compression is recommended.

Available adhesive options:

PSA            Pressure sensitive acrylic

PSR            Pressure sensitive rubber

ST 1200      3M® Acrylic Plus high bond sealing tape (see related products at the right                    of this page)

Part NumberDescriptionPriceUnitQuantity

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