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3M™ Acrylic Plus Sealing Tape ST1200

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The 3M Acrylic Plus Sealing Tape ST1200 is designed specifically for the attachment of extruded weatherstrips and seals in the automotive, RV, marine and related markets. Seal Design utilizes this advanced Heat Activated Tape System (HATS) on all of its taped Perma-Fit™ TPV extrusions. The black, acrylic foam tape, 1.2 mm thick, is constructed of two adhesives. The heat-activated adhesive on the non-liner side forms an immediate, consistent and durable bond, providing the best performing attachment available for the chemical properties of TPV material. The liner-side adhesive is pressure sensitive, with high adhesion and holding strength to many surfaces, including automotive paints and metals.


  • Traditional (non-HATS) tapes do not adhere well to TPV materials. These advanced heat activated tapes provide a far superior, long-lasting hold that should be used when adhesion is critical, such as RV slide-out applications.
  • Mechanical fasteners such as pins and clips cannot provide a complete seal against the elements, and push-on seals are susceptible to moisture retention, causing them to rust and eventually break. Liquid adhesives can be messy, require set-up time and don’t always provide a clean bond line.
  • The tape utilizes a soft acrylic foam core uniquely designed for superior conformability of the seal to the substrate.
  • The conformable core offers excellent wet-out. It has been proven to provide a 25 to 40 percent improvement in wet-out compared to conventional acrylic adhesives.
  • Black, high strength core results in improved bond line quality. The low-profile bond line and black color of the ST1200 tape combine for exceptional aesthetics and an original equipment appearance.
  • Ability to tape seal components prior to high temperature processing.
  • Easy liner release.

The result is the most versatile and robust method for applying a continuous seal to the vehicle to minimize water, NVH and dirt intrusion.

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The 3M Acrylic Plus Sealing Tape ST1200 attachment system is reliable and easy to use. The ST1200 has excellent initial adhesion at assembly and excellent long-term adhesion over all environmental conditions during vehicle life.

Shelf life is one year.

  • Heat activated E2 adhesive
  • Black acrylic foam core
  • VR-2 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • GL-3 easy release liner
Tape Thickness 1.2 mm +/- .13 mm 0.47 in +/- .005 in
Tape Density 689 kg/m3 +/- 64 kg/m3 43 lb./ft.  +/- 4 lb./ft.