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Touch-N-Seal™ Liner Bond

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Liner Bond is a one-component foam adhesive specifically for use inside refrigerated trailers and trucks to bond fiberglass liner panels to prepared spray-foam insulation and aluminum posts. Liner Bond offers total liner adhesion with a 30 minute dry-time, allowing time for proper liner placement. This portable, disposable gun-applied adhesive is ideal for new trailers, repairs in hard to reach areas, and to help return damaged trailers to original insulation efficiency.


• It is five times stronger than other foam adhesives, which will crack and fail before Liner Bond does.

• It fills voids more completely than caulk, glues or other adhesives.

• Fast and easy spray-gun application.

• It contains no harmful solvents.

• Controlled tack time of up to 30 minutes for proper liner placement.

• Total cure in 24 hours reduces downtime.

• Ready-to-use, portable and disposable units with 23 lb. canister, 10-foot hose, and spray gun.

• Non-flammable.

• Refill canister available.

• Energy Star rated.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceUnitQuantity

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• Single canister with hose and spray gun makes it very portable on the production line and easy to use with precision. Once started, canister may be stored for further use and easily restarted.

• Fast and easy spray-gun application.

• It contains no harmful solvents.

• Controlled tack time of up to 30 minutes for proper liner placement.

• Total cure in 24 hours reduces downtime.

• Ready-to-use, portable and disposable units with 23 lb. canister, 10-foot hose, and spray gun

• Shelf life: 18 months

•  Yield 275 sq. ft. (two tanks/sidewall)

• Meets ASTM E-84, Class 1

• Tack free time: Up to 30 minutes at 70º F with 55 percent RH

• Cure time: 24 hours

• No VOCs

Product Item No. Case Pack Case Wt. (lbs.) Case/Pallet
Liner Bond Adhesive (complete system) 4004517100 1 33 50
Liner Bond Refill (cylinder only) 4004517101 1 28 50
Bottom Load Gun Applicator w/ 10´ clear Hose 4004517110 1 2 -


SET-UP/APPLICATION: Area should be clean, dry and oil-free. Check expiration date on carton to ensure product is current. Chemical contents must be 60°-90º F (21°-32º C) before dispensing (application in lower/higher temperatures may alter set-up/cure time, yield, density, physical properties and reduce overall performance). Product is not intended for use in applications where temperatures may exceed 250º F (121º C). Product is not a fire stop. To avoid fire hazard after application, do not leave product exposed; always protect foam with approved facings. Use only in well-ventilated areas.

To Start: Remove cylinder and shake for one minute with a side-to-side motion to ensure optimum performance; stand cylinder upright. Attach hose to cylinder, tighten with wrench (do not over-tighten). Attach gun to hose. Open cylinder valve fully. Depress trigger and conduct a test spray onto scrap material to ensure product flow and proper pressure. Product flow can be regulated by closing the cylinder valve slightly or by only partially squeezing the trigger. Excessive pressure may cause product to splash off wall. Apply Liner Bond Adhesive, ensuring total coverage by spraying up to 1˝ thick. Place liner, adjust as needed. Shore-up with plywood, 2x4’s and load locks. Curing time may vary based on temperature and humidity.

To Restart: Shake cylinder with side-to-side motion 10 times to ensure optimum performance. Open cylinder valve fully. Spray gun into an old box or trash can to clear old chemicals. If storing for extended periods, product must be restarted at least every ten days to purge and repressurize hose. If foam fails to dispense, close the cylinder valve and replace the gun/hose assembly. Use all contents within 30 days of initial dispensing. See “CAUTION” section for more information.

Disposal: Wear safety goggles and gloves. Do not incinerate or puncture tanks. Cylinders are of the non-refillable type and cannot be reused. Federal law prohibits refilling and transportation of refilled canisters. Do not discard pressurized cylinder. Spray any leftover material into a waste container until cylinder is empty and allow foam to cure before disposal. Cylinder must then be vented as follows: place cylinder upside down and carefully open valve. Allow pressure to vent for one hour. Where disposal rules require that the cylinder is punctured, knock out the safety burst plug. Chemical cylinders must be disposed of as ordinary industrial waste (sanitary landfill is recommended) in compliance with pertinent regulations. Chemical waste should be neutralized and disposed of as ordinary waste. Dispose of leftover material/containers in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations.

CAUTION: Contents under pressure. May cause skin irritation or eye damage. Heat/combustion releases hazardous decomposition products. Read all cautions before use.

First Aid: Overexposure to vapors may cause dizziness or headache – move to fresh air if this occurs. In case of eye contact, flush eye with water for 15 minutes and get immediate medical attention. If ingested, call a physician. Remove wet foam immediately from skin with acetone or polyurethane foam cleaner. Cured adhesive is very difficult to remove from skin and clothes. If foam dries on skin, apply generous amounts of petroleum jelly or lanolin, put on plastic gloves and wait one hour. With a clean cloth, firmly wipe off petroleum jelly and repeat process as needed. Do not attempt to remove dried foam with solvents.

Storage: Store in a clean, dry area between 60°-120º F (16°-49º C). Do not store in vehicle. Once started, cylinder may be stored for later use by: 1.) Leave the hose and gun attached, and 2.) Close the cylinder valve.


Click here for MSDS sheet for Touch-N-Seal Liner Bond.