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XHA 9500 Exterior Bonding Tape

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As a U.S. authorized fabricator for Avery Dennison high-bond tapes, Seal Design offers custom solutions for taped attachment of RV “ground effects” and other exterior parts with automotive grade XHA 9500 tape. This is a cross-linked, high adhesion elastomer technology that effectively attaches exterior trim to low surface energy (LSE), “tough to stick to” thermoplastic polyolefins (TPOs) and clear coats.


Fast wet-out and increased compressibility helps the XHA 9500 provide a fast initial bond and superior adhesion to LSE materials. In fact, tests have shown that the XHA 9500 creates a bond that is up to 350 percent stronger than its nearest competitor.

Most common trim attachment failures occur when the edges of moldings snag. Avery Dennison developed an edge lift test that involved a test bar being pulled up 90° from the end and measuring the force needed to initially break the adhesive bond. The results showed the XHA 950’s excellent bond, with high breakaway values.

The XHA 9500 also passes OEM cold slam testing, offers excellent UV and gasoline resistance for extra durability, and is 100 percent black for exceptional aesthetics, design flexibility and UV stability.

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The XHA 9500 does not require primer for tape bonding on most TPOs. This can remove steps from the application process, reducing total application time and costs. In addition, it eliminates the handling and exposure to hazardous materials.

Product Construction
Backing Elastomeric Foam
Liner Type (Outer) Film (White)
Thickness (total) 45.00 mil.


Primary Physical Properties
  Unwind Side Linear Side
Adhesion - 180º Peel 130.00 oz/in 130.00 oz/in
Adhesion Loop Tack 100.00 100.00
Adhesion Activation Pressure  


Secondary Physical Properties
Water Resistant Yes
UV Resistant Yes
Solvent Resistant  


Thermal/Electric Properties
Minimum Application Temperature 50º F
Minimum Service Temperature 0º F
Maximum Log-Term Temperature 200º F
Maximum Short-Term Temperature 250º F
  • 100% black construction through out, providing exceptional aesthetics, design flexibility and UV stability.
  • Static shear - 6000+ minutes to failure when initial 1" sq loaded with 500g
  • 180º Peel Adhesion (oz force/inch width) on TPO is 70, BSF Ureglos is 55, PPG Carbamate is 50 (PSTC-3, ASTM D-3330, STD-10)
  • XHA 9500 foam core provides strength, cold slam, high tensile strength and durability.
  • Adhesive skin layers formulated for quick initial bond and superior adhesion too TPOs and clear coats.